Brand & Associates Testimonial

“The Physicians Network has always provided exemplary service. Its hallmark has been one of professionalism. Its principal, Rob St. Peter, has an exceptional grasp of not only medical issues, but the challenges facing the insurance industry.”

Adam J. Brand
Attorney at Brand & Associates

SAS Testimonial

“My first contact with Rob was to have him help on a complex medical fraud case; his ability to immediately understand the issues and deliver unbiased, factual results made his company standout among the cookie cutter IME/peer review industry. Rob is a man of great values and understanding of medical issues from all lines of insurance. Rob is an amazing person as well as businessman, and his passion for doing what is right and working collectively with his customers is very apparent. He is not afraid to stand up to ethically challenged providers and has been instrumental in training hundreds if not thousands of adjusters and investigators in the insurance industry. I have used Rob on several cases and have consulted him numerous times on workflow and business processes within claims. Rob is also a very creative person – if you have an issue or really want to make an impact on leakage as it related to medical claims in disability, P&C, Commercial, or Life, then The Physicians Network and Rob St. Peter is the only company you have to call.”

Dennis Toomey
Insurance Fraud Solutions Architect for SAS

Insurance Recovery Group Testimonial

Our office uses The Physician Network in connection with Workers’ Compensation Second Injury Fund cases in various states across the country. Rob St. Peter and his panel of physicians have made it a point to research the medical topics as they relate to SIF cases, and have been instrumental in analyzing and clarifying the issues. Their reports provide unbiased, impartial reviews of preexisting health issues and their effects on injured workers. They are not pre-written, pre-determined reports that tell you what you want to hear, but instead aim to give you honest, reliable, unassailable truth that will stand up under scrutiny. Their approach is not to take sides in a case, but to cut a path through the jungle of medical complexity, and lead you to a correct answer. Their reports have never been questioned by the Second Injury Funds, and have always been instrumental in establishing our cases.

W. Frederick Uehlein, Esq.
Founder & Chairman
Michael Levin, Esq.
Regional Manager