Self-Insured Corporations & Government Agencies

Self-Insured Corporations & Government Agencies

Large corporations and government agencies that provide insurance for their employees face many challenges in resolving claims, especially when it comes to medical claims that remain unresolved for months or years and costs are spiraling out of control.

Large corporations take on the risk to cover losses when they self-insure, however, many lack the proper resources to efficiently manage and process claims, making it difficult to give the full attention to some claims that involve complex or multiple injuries or cannot be solved by their internal resources.


Federal, state and local government agencies face different challenges. Because of inherent fraud in Medicare, Medicaid and other government programs, agencies must rely on their contractors to resolve claims quickly and equitably while minimizing exposure or investigate potential fraud. However, due to limited budgets and the restrictions on government contractors, complex and costly claims do not receive the custom or in-depth analysis needed to uncover the facts to resolve the claims.

TPN has helped corporations and government agencies to resolve costly and complex medical claims, including difficult general liability, worker’s comp, and other claim cases. McDonald’s and other self-insured corporations, government agencies, and law firms select TPN because of their expertise in forensic claim analysis and custom approach to settle these claims quickly and cost-effectively.

TPN provides a comprehensive suite of services and tailored approach, so clients can get the help they need to settle costly or difficult claims and reduce risk exposure. TPN’s national Network of Experts in every field / specialty can review a claim or examine a claimant to make a diagnosis and discover the causally related injuries, providing a medical report with evidence to enable our clients to determine reasonable and necessary medical treatments and negotiate settlement.

Struggling with claims your service providers cannot resolve? Before costs escalate any further, refer a new claim to TPN for a FREE consultation and to learn more about our forensic claim services.