The Physician Network Review Philosophy

TPN Review Services

Our reviews are done forensically and are a comparison between the treating provider’s records and well established medical standards. They are not just generalized opinions; they rely upon evidence-based medicine, hence stand up to the toughest scrutiny. We provide our clients with the key review findings in laymen’s terms, which makes it easier to decide and execute the right steps toward the resolution of the claim.

Why choose a Review instead of an IME?

Many of the answers to the questions posed by our clients come from the record, not the patient, as such seeing the patient will have no impact on answering the question, and in fact could lead to confusion

When a review can serve to answer your questions instead of an IME, reviews also:

  • Are quicker than IME’s.
  • Do not rely upon cooperation of the patient (no shows and rescheduling appointments serving to delay claims decisions)
  • Become an invaluable tool to uncover other documents that are pertinent to the claim (evidence of prior conditions, subsequent injuries)

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