Our Services

Our Services

Every claim we receive is unique and we consider many factors in our analysis such as type of claim, claimant’s injuries and medical history, length of time the claim has been open, and many other nuances. Attention to details is critical when there are complex injuries involved or costs have skyrocketed and there is no path to resolution or evidence to close out the claim.

TPN strives to continually provide value to our clients. With our combination of 30 years of expertise, ability to connect the dots between the medical / legal / policy aspects of a claim, knowledge of specific state regulations, and the track record to recognize the dozens of special nuances of each claim type, uniquely positions TPN to handle any claim that cannot be resolved internally or by other service providers.

TPN can expertly and quickly assess each claim referred to us. We determine the best course of action based on the client’s needs and the case, and can provide recommendations on how we can help and the forensic services needed to resolve the claim. The initial consultation with service recommendations is complimentary.

Why do we offer this free consultation? We recognize that every claim is different and has diverse aspects that affect the outcome. By assessing the claim up front and understanding our client’s knowledge of the claim and challenges, we can recommend only the forensic services needed to help our clients reach a resolution as quickly as possible, while mitigating or ending future indemnity payments for non-causal or unnecessary medical treatment.

Our comprehensive services include:

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TPN stands out from the crowd of IMEs and other service providers that have a ‘cookie-cutter’ approach and only care about expediting the claim as quickly as possible for the lowest cost. Settling claims quickly through these services may not be the best approach for claims with costs that are skyrocketing, the insurer has high exposure risk, or have remained open for long periods of time. With TPN’s tailored approach for every claim, insurers won’t waste money paying for unnecessary services or settle a claim that could have been resolved for far less or no payment at all.

Our clients know that when they refer a claim to TPN, it will be handled efficiently and effectively from start to finish. Findings will be discussed with the client from our claim file audit and agreement obtained on the course of action so our clients understand the investment needed to obtain a medical review or exam. TPN delivers unbiased medical reports that are backed by evidence, and if necessary, our qualified medical and investigative experts can stand as credible trial witnesses to support legal defense teams.

Our clients know they can save money by referring high exposure or difficult claims early in the cycle – especially when they involve complex injuries, internal resources are insufficient, claim costs keep rising, or specific experts are needed. By getting TPN involved early in the process, our clients can avoid paying for unnecessary services, get answers to their questions on the claim faster, and potentially avoid legal costs and litigation all together.

Our referral form is easy to complete and all claim documentation that you submit is completely secure. Once we receive a referral, TPN will schedule a free consultation session to discuss the claim, and within a rapid turnaround, TPN will provide recommendations on how and if they can support the client’s position on the claim and the recommended services needed to get to a resolution.

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