Our Customers and Partners

Our Customers and Partners

TPN supports insurance carriers, reinsurers, third party administrators, self-insured corporations, government agencies, defense law firms and consultants to help our clients efficiently and effectively resolve high exposure claims that cannot be resolved internally or through their IME or other service providers. If not handled properly, these claims can continue to linger and escalate quickly in indemnity exposure.

TPN is trusted by the leading insurance providers and top law firms as well as mid-size and small firms for their forensic analysis on challenging medical claims. With 30 years of experience in analyzing all types of medical claims, connecting the dots between medical, legal, policy and regulatory aspects, and a national network of qualified medical and investigative experts that can provide in-depth reviews and exams, TPN can provide insight, evidence-based reports and recommendations to equitably resolve even the toughest claims. Our clients achieve positive outcomes and a return on investment on every claim they refer to TPN.

“My first contact with TPN was on a complex medical fraud case. Their ability to immediately understand the issues and medical side of all lines of insurance, and deliver unbiased, factual results made his company standout among the cookie cutter IME/peer review industry. I have used TPN on several cases and have consulted them numerous times on workflow and business processes challenges. If you have an issue or really want to make an impact on leakage as it related to medical claims in disability, P&C, Commercial, or Life, then TPN is the only company you have to call.” – Insurance Fraud Solutions Architect for SAS

Our clients know to turn to TPN immediately for claims involving complicated injuries like traumatic brain, spine and multiple limb injuries before costs skyrocket. TPN can complete a forensic file audit and document analysis to help our clients make decisions on the next steps and right experts to review the claim or conduct an exam, so they can diagnose causally related injuries that may have pre-existed or have been a result of subsequent actions.

For claims that cannot be resolved by internal R.N.s or physicians or their IME, clients turn to TPN to dig deeper into the claim to discover the issues preventing the claim from being settled and provide a plan of action to ensure the proper investigation and reviews/exams are conducted by the best experts. Our clients know complex claims need a custom approach and trust that we will manage the entire process from start to finish, providing a medical report that includes evidence and facts to settle claims.

Let TPN handle your complex and high exposure medical claims to equitably resolve the claim and reduce or end indemnity costs. TPN offers a free initial consultation to better understand our clients’ challenges and expectations and determine a path forward for resolving BEFORE costs for inadequate or unnecessary services are incurred.