TPN and Expanded Services

The Physician Network changes its name to TPN and expands their forensic medical claim services offered to insurance carriers and corporations.

Moultonborough, NH, January 19, 2021 – The Physician Network, experts in medical claim forensics, has updated their company name to TPN and brand identity, including a new tagline of “trusted experts in medical claim forensics,” to better reflect their business and value provided to insurers. The company has also expanded their claim services provided to insurance carriers, corporations, government agencies, and law firms to continue to provide the in-depth and forensic approach clients rely on to resolve all types of challenging and complex medical claims.

TPN provides in-depth analysis and a tailored approach for every challenging medical claim. By effectively determining the diagnosis, causation, disability, impairment, and necessary and reasonable medical treatment, TPN helps clients resolve claims equitably, reduce indemnity payments, and avoid costly trials. TPN has expanded their services to offer a free claim assessment for clients that are unsure of the services or approach needed for claims that cannot be resolved internally or by their IME’s cookie-cutter approach. TPN will assess the claim file and make a recommendation on the specific services, medical specialties, and best path forward to resolve the claim. TPN has also redesigned their website,, making it easier for insurers and law firms to obtain a free claim assessment or refer a medical claim for resolution.

TPN has more than 30 years of experience in all types of medical claims, comprehensive services, as well as a multi-faceted national network of 20,000+ medical and investigative experts. With their expertise and extensive network of experts, the TPN team can help clients resolve multiple medical injury, high exposure, claims with suspected abuse or fraud, questionable mechanism of injury despite real injury, and other complex claims. Without a customized forensic analysis, challenging claims can remain unresolved for months or years, continuing to escalate in costs for insurers.

My first contact with TPN was on a complex medical fraud case. Their ability to immediately understand the issues and medical side of all lines of insurance, and deliver unbiased, factual results made the company standout among the cookie cutter IME/peer review industry. If you have an issue or really want to make an impact on leakage as it related to medical claims in disability, P&C, Commercial, or Life, then TPN is the only company you have to call.” – Insurance Fraud Solutions Architect for SAS.
Many clients come to us frustrated with their current providers because they have claims that continue to escalate in costs and time without resolution or they have paid out far more than was necessary,” stated Rob St. Peter, TPN’s CEO. “Our clients trust us to align the right services and medical experts with the appropriate specialties and claim expertise needed to forensically investigate and analyze the claim file and all documentation. If necessary, a medical exam can be conducted to uncover all the facts. The medical reports provided are unbiased and evidence-based to help our clients negotiate equitable settlements in a timely manner for the insurer and claimant.

About TPN

Trusted by U.S. insurance providers, self-insured corporations, government agencies, and law firms, TPN focuses on helping clients settle high exposure and complex medical claims. Experts in claim forensics, we uncover the facts and answer critical questions on difficult claims that IMEs and other service providers’ inadequate or ‘cookie-cutter’ approach simply cannot. TPN’s in-depth analysis and tailored approach for every claim can effectively determine the diagnosis, causation, disability, impairment, and necessary and reasonable medical treatment, helping our clients resolve claims and reduce indemnity costs.

With 30 years of experience in all facets of claims, comprehensive services, and a multi-faceted national network of 20,000+ medical and investigative experts, TPN can help our clients resolve even the most challenging claims and complex injury cases. TPN offers a free claim assessments, claim file audits with document recovery services, medical reviews & exams, claim management consulting, and claim training & education.