Network of Experts

Network of Experts

TPN has been in business for nearly 30 years and during that time has worked extensively with thousands of medical, mental health, and investigative experts across the country in every field and specialty. Because of TPN’s stellar reputation and forensic approach, our experts are able to focus and spend the time to conduct in-depth reviews and exams effectively and provide unbiased medical reports. TPN has established a network that is now more than 20,000 strong, with qualified professionals in every medical and mental health field / specialty and experienced in every type of medical claim.

Other claim service providers may have a group of ‘experts’, however, they offer reviews by R.N.s only, have a cookie-cutter approach to every review, and / or may require their experts to conduct ‘speedy’ reviews and exams without all the data, facts and time from which to base a solid opinion in their report. This can result in subpar reports that do not help insurers in negotiations to resolve their claims or their experts being able to substantiate their opinions should the case go to trial. Many challenging and high exposure claims remain unresolved for months or years, costing insurers millions of dollars and impacting their bottom line.

A client asked TPN to assist with a motor vehicle accident claim. There was a significant impact and the claimant demand was in the millions. The claim happened on the East Coast, but the treating chiropractor referred the patient to a neurosurgeon on the West Coast. The insurer had concerns because the claimant expert had an extensive CV. TPN analyzed the case and consulted with some experts in its vast medical network. TPN identified a Neurologist who had written books on the specific diagnosis involved in the claim. Based on TPN’s expert analysis, our team identified the need to have the diagnostic studies reviewed by an expert Neuro-Radiologist, and we also brought in a top expert in the field of Uro-Gynecology. TPN’s experts provided evidence-based reports that prepared the insurer’s defense counsel to successfully depose plaintiff expert. The deposition resulted in the plaintiff expert changing his original opinion because of the facts uncovered by TPN’s experts. The case was settled without the need for an expensive trial and saved our client thousands of dollars in costs and future medical payments.

Unlike other service providers that assign the next available expert or local physicians to save on costs and time, TPN assigns the best experts to the case. Our experts are qualified and knowledgeable on the cases we ask them to review or conduct an exam. Our Network of Experts includes physicians, mental health experts and investigative professionals in the following areas:

Addiction Psychiatry
Allergy & Immunology
Billing Specialist Auditor
Cardiovascular Surgery
Diagnostic Radiology
Ears, Nose & Throat
ElectroDiagnostic Medicine
Emergency Medicine
Endocrinology & Metabolism
Facial Plastic
Family Medicine
Forensic Pathology
Forensic Psychiatry
General Surgery
Gynecological Oncology
Head & Neck Surgery
Industrial Medicine
Infectious Disease
Internal Medicine
Life Care Planner
Massage Therapist
Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine
Nuclear Medicine
Occupational Medicine
Occupational Therapy
Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
Orthopedic Foot & Ankle Specialist
Orthopedic Hand Surgeon
Orthopedic Hip Specialist
Orthopedic Knee Specialist
Orthopedic Physical Therapist
Orthopedic Shoulder Specialist
Orthopedic Spine Surgeon
Orthopedic Surgery
Orthopedic Upper Extremity Specialist
Osteopathic Medicine
Pain Medicine
Pediatric Neurology
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Physical Therapy
Plastic & Hand Surgery
Plastic Surgery
Registered Nurse
Sports Medicine
Temporo-Mandibular Joint Disease Specialist
Thoracic Surgery
Vascular Surgery
Vocational Medicine
Vocational Rehab

Our experts also conduct special investigations, accident reconstruction and billing reviews to uncover fraudulent activity.

Once TPN completes a file audit and analyzes all documentation from the claim, they can determine if it makes sense for our clients to invest in medical or investigative experts to conduct reviews and / or exams and the appropriate physician specialties / fields needed to get to the facts of the case. At the end of the in-depth review or exam, our clients know they will get a medical report with unbiased and expert opinions and recommendations that can be substantiated with evidence and facts, enabling them to make confident decisions, effectively negotiate a settlement, or support their defense teams to obtain a favorable decision in a trial.

Physicians, mental health, and other professionals that would like to join TPN’s Network of Experts must go through a review process to ensure they are committed and understand our extensive forensic process. TPN also provides periodic online training for our experts, improving their proficiencies and knowledge on regulations, policy requirements, forensic analysis methods, and other critical information and trends.