Law Firms and Service Providers

Law Firms and Service Providers

We all know that attorneys play a significant role in medical claims.

TPN effectively supports lawyers in their efforts to fully understand the medical aspect of cases. TPN is adept at understanding the legal aspect of cases and how important it is to provide expert opinions and evidence-based reports to enable attorneys to negotiate settlements. Should a claim go to trial, TPN helps law firms present a better position at trial with credible medical or investigative experts to substantiate the evidence and facts uncovered to obtain optimal outcomes.


Lawyers look to ensure that they have the right support to settle cases. TPN helps attorneys to successfully resolve their cases by getting the most accurate medical assessments. We understand the value of forensic medical assessment and making sure that the medical expert is relying upon the most relevant information and facts to arrive at the most accurate assessment of the case. This approach benefits everyone involved and saves wasted time and money for all parties involved in the case.

“Our office uses TPN in connection with Workers’ Compensation Second Injury Fund cases in various states across the country. Their team and panel of physician experts thoroughly research the medical topics as they relate to SIF cases, and have been instrumental in analyzing and clarifying issues. Their reports provide unbiased, impartial reviews of preexisting health issues and their effects on injured workers. They are not pre-written, pre-determined reports that tell you what you want to hear, but instead aim to give you honest, reliable, unassailable truth that will stand up under scrutiny. Their approach is not to take sides in a case, but to cut a path through the jungle of medical complexity and help clients determine correct and equitable answers. Their reports have never been questioned by the Second Injury Funds and have always been instrumental in establishing our cases and resolving the claims.” – Attorney from Insurance Recovery Group

Refer your challenging claim to TPN to see how we can help you resolve your client’s claims quickly and equitably.