Getting Started

Getting Started: Our Responsibility To You

  • Acquire a comprehensive understanding of your needs. (Through our case pre-screening)
  • Work with you to select the appropriate service based upon your needs.
  • Select the most appropriate medical expert (it’s not always about the medical specialty. Sometimes picking the right expert has more to do with the issues of the case, such as causation).
  • Provide the selected medical expert with all of the documentation to be reviewed as well as a list of the questions to be specifically addressed in the medical report.
  • Produce comprehensive, well-supported medical reports that only address the specific issues posed by our client.

Fee Schedule

Since our services are customized to the requirements of each individual case, we do not have a set fee schedule for a “Review” or “an IME”. We provide our clients with an estimated cost prior to conducting our services. We do have flat fee arrangements and pricing agreements with clients, when it has been established that the requested service requires essentially the same amount of time for every case.

The fees are based upon:

  • Amount of documentation to be reviewed
  • Nature, scope and number of issues to be addressed

After we receive your referral, we will contact you to discuss the claim. Together we will develop an action plan.

How To Submit A Referral:

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Feel free to contact TPN by phone (800) 777-6160, by email (use form below), or fax: Use form below and fax to (800) 999-6160.

Just send us a quick synopsis of the case and a member of our staff will contact you shortly.