General Liability

General Liability

TPN is known throughout the US for its expert analysis and insights to resolve difficult and complex general liability claims. We assist insurers and corporations with slip and fall cases on stairways, sidewalks, parking lots, slippery floors, falling objects and other areas of hotels, retailers, commercial properties, construction sites, condominium complexes, amusement parks, residential homes and other locations.

Our experience in understanding the role that pre-existing and underlying medical conditions play and uncovering the crucial facts and is what has made TPN so successful in helping our clients resolve general liability claims before costs get out of control. Bringing TPN in to evaluate these challenging claims early on in the claim process can potentially help our clients to minimize excessive costs.

TPN can also handle other general liability claims resulting from injuries and medical conditions, including:

  • Pharmacy prescription errors
  • Transportation services
  • Sexual abuse
  • Food poisoning

TPN can audit the file and conduct in-depth document discovery and analysis to determine what it will take to close the claim. Preparing the file with all pertinent information is key to ensure our experts have all the data to determine the diagnosis and the injury facts from the accident. Whether TPN conducts the audit and prepares the file, or the client already has all the information ready, TPN can match the most appropriate medical and investigative experts to analyze the claim file and / or provide an exam from local experts. A thorough medical report is provided with causally related facts and reasonable and necessary medical treatments, enabling clients to equitably resolve claims and reduce indemnity costs. TPN provides a positive ROI for clients on every challenging general liability claim.

Client Success


A leading insurer received a claim for a work-related injury involving a fall off a ladder leading to the claimant’s death. The insurer policy covered the property liability. There was no question that the claimant fell off the ladder and died on the scene. The demand triggered the request for a claim audit to discover any mitigating factors.


TPN completed a review & analysis of the submitted documents and identified missing documents and other evidence to help determine mitigating factors. This included requesting the video footage from the security cameras in the building. TPN brought in a trauma specialist expert from their network to review all the documents and evidence gathered.


TPN’s trauma expert reviewed the medical records and the surveillance video obtained by TPN. Our specialist was able to determine from the video that the claimant likely had a syncopal episode while getting on the ladder as they descended from the roof, and it was the syncopal episode that caused the fall and ultimately the death of the claimant. Our trauma specialist was able to prove it was not any defect in the roof, ladder or anything on the premises that caused the claimant to fall. Our client was able to close the case and avoid a large settlement payment.

Find out how TPN can resolve even the most difficult general liability claims with its think-outside-the-box and tailored approach for each case.

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