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Are all IME’s the same? What about the cost of an IME? Why not one flat fee for “an IME”? Lots of companies are priced that way. Why not TPN? TPN receives case assignments at various stages of the claims process. As a result, different requirements exist for these assignments. If the work requirements vary, how can the fees stay the same? Something has to give somewhere. In order to be fair to all parties, TPN created a tiered IME program that is designed to meet the varying requirements of assignments and be priced accordingly, in order to obtain the best Quality work product. Read more about our Exam Services:

Early Intervention IME (Level I IME)

There are cases that do not require an extended amount of a medical expert’s time in order to provide a quality evaluation. In response to this, we created the Early Intervention Examination Service. This is designed to assist the claims professional early in the claim process, during the acute stage of injury. This is an excellent fact finding tool, if used properly. This can help avoid unnecessary build-up of medical expenses. This is a low cost – high opportunity service.

Standard IME (Level II IME)

These are typically performed in the 90-365 day post-injury period. This involves a comprehensive review of all of the medical evidence as well as the specific case issues. This service requires up to one to one and one half hour of the examiner’s time. (Typically up to one inch of documentation.)

Complex IME (Level III IME)

This service was designed for the claim that needs significant time and attention in order to gain a comprehensive understanding of how and why the case got to where it is and how to get it back on track. This service usually involves review of voluminous records and documents, videos, conversations with the client, examination of the patient and an in-depth, comprehensive medical report that pulls the case together in a manner  useful to all parties in an effort to help steer the case in the most appropriate direction.

IME Re-Exam (Level I)

When a patient needs to be re-evaluated by an examiner, and the re-exam is to take place within 90 days of the last examination, there is typically less documentation to review and fewer issues, making the examination less involved, and therefore can be done for a lower fee.

IME Re-Exam (Level II)

When a patient needs to be re-evaluated by an examiner, and the re-exam is to take place more than 90 days from the last examination, there is typically more documentation to review and several issues to be addressed, making the examination more involved, and therefore is typically done at the Standard IME fee. Some cases scheduled for Re-Examination have voluminous records and are billed at the Level III IME rate.

This approach to IME exams is precisely why TPN provides consistent Quality!

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