Credible Trial Witnesses

Medical Claim Credible Trial Witnesses

We recognize that our final report is not necessarily the end of our relationship. Should the case go to trial, TPN will ensure the physicians, mental health doctors, and other investigative professionals, many of which are leading authorities in their respective fields, are assigned to the case that can effectively present their expert opinions in court or through deposition testimony. TPN ensures experts from our network are matched with the case that have the knowledge of the claim type, as well as experience and willingness to be a witness.

TPN supported a law firm by providing one of the leading spine surgeons in the country to testify about the claimant’s injuries. Our expert diagnosed that the loss of feeling in the claimant’s hands had occurred prior to the accident, discovered in their thorough review of the claimant’s medical history reports and their knowledge of spine injuries. The trial was decided in our client’s favor, based on the evidence presented by our expert.

Refer your claim to TPN today to ensure the most qualified and appropriate medical and investigative experts are on your case.