Claim Consultation

Claim Consultation

Sometimes medical cases drag on for extended periods of time or they involve complex injuries and need an in-depth look as to why this is so. Attempts to better understand the case often results in spending more money on services without achieving resolution of the claim. TPN specializes in complex and high exposure cases, offering more in-depth forensic reviews and analysis to help clients effectively and equitably resolve these claims.

Not sure what services you need to help resolve your case? TPN can complete a FREE Claim Consultation where your case is quickly assessed, and recommendations provided during a consultation session. TPN will recommend only those services and an approach needed to provide you with the information you require to resolve your case effectively and efficiently. There are times, in fact, when TPN may recommend that no further action should be taken, saving clients on costs for unnecessary medical reviews and exams.

Don’t wait until your medical case has completely stalled out in terms of reaching a resolution, Contact TPN today to receive a complimentary case assessment and consultation, with recommendations to resolve the case equitably and quickly.

A leading insurer’s claim manager had an auto accident medical claim where costs had been escalating for more than a year. The insurer had already used their IME to provide a medical review and exam, however, they had not provided enough evidence for the insurer to successfully resolve the claim.

TPN completed a quick assessment of the claim and recommended a different approach. TPN was able to provide a physician in another specialty area to review the claim. TPN conducted a forensic review and analysis, and using different medical specialists from their network of 20,000+ experts, new facts were uncovered, including previous injuries not related to the accident. With an evidence-based report provided by TPN’s expert, the insurer was able to close the claim, saving the company thousands of dollars in future exposure.


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