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Trusted by U.S. insurance providers, self-insured corporations, government agencies, and law firms, TPN focuses on helping clients settle high exposure and complex medical claims. Experts in claim forensics, we uncover the facts and answer critical questions on difficult claims that IMEs and other service providers’ inadequate or ‘cookie-cutter’ approach simply cannot. TPN’s in-depth analysis and tailored approach for every claim can effectively determine the diagnosis, causation, disability, impairment, and necessary and reasonable medical treatment, helping our clients resolve claims.

With 30 years of experience in all facets of claims, comprehensive services, and a multi-faceted national network of 20,000+ medical and investigative experts, TPN can help our clients resolve even the most challenging claims and complex injury cases. TPN provides evidence-based reports with actionable insights that enable our clients to successfully negotiate closure or obtain favorable trial decisions, leading to timely and equitable claim resolutions for clients and claimants.

TPN has solved many high exposure complex claims for over 30 years! Get your claim specific FREE Consultation including TPN’s service recommendations on the best path to resolution of these most difficult claims.

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Already know what you need to resolve your claim? Refer a new claim to TPN and experience how our team can help you resolve your high exposure or complex claim through our forensic approach!

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Does your defense law firm have a complex or high exposure claim that needs more than a cookie-cutter approach to uncover the facts? Get a free claim consultation to understand the best path forward and learn how TPN’s forensic claim review process can help your firm with actionable intelligence to resolve even the most challenging claims.

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“With its 30+ years of experience, forensic investigative approach to complex medical claims, and a direct line to CEO, Rob St. Peter, to discuss each case, TPN is invaluable to me in providing support for my defense practice. TPN is my #1 choice and the only firm that I refer my clients’ complex and high exposure claims. TPN provides a thorough review and analysis of the complete file and delivers evidence-based medical reports, enabling my firm to swiftly and cost-effectively resolve cases, and in some instances, dismiss them all together.”— Richard Windish, Shareholder, PRIMMER PIPER EGGLESTON & CRAMER PC

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TPNs Network of Experts of 20,000+ professionals include medical and mental health professionals and claim investigators located in major cities and regions across the U.S. Our qualified experts are trained by TPN to conduct in-depth and unbiased reviews and exams to diagnose, determine causal related injuries, and recommend reasonable and necessary medical treatments to achieve maximum medical improvement (MMI), enabling clients to resolve claims equitably for the insurer and insured. If necessary, our experts can be reliable and credible trial witnesses, backing up their opinions with evidence-based findings to ensure a favorable trial outcome.

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